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Encounters with Rahul

Date: 9/8/1998
Time: 1:45
Occasion: Rahul is playing for India Cements (The Company he works for)

It was about 1:45 when I went to “GURU NANAK “ college to watch my hero RAHUL SHARAD DRAVID in action. 
This was the first time I was really going to meet him in person and I was really excited about it. In fact, I had been visiting the "Primefit gym" for the last three Saturdays because I heard he comes there – but had been returning home, my dream unfulfilled….

I took with me all the photos and Cards of Dravid from my collection which covers almost all his favorite postures.. When I reached the place he was fielding near the boundary and I hardly got a clear view of him.

When the MAC ELEVEN were all out, Rahul was to open the innings for INDIA CEMENTS.
I wished him the very best of luck. But in spite of getting off to a good start, Rahul failed to
capitalize. He scored only seven runs. A very disappointed person, he came back to the pavilion.
I felt sad because he had got out so soon – but so what? I still got to see him in action.

I went to the pavilion I had a chat for about ten minutes with him. I got his autograph and took a few snaps with him and left back for home wishing him goodbye. It was a very memorable day, which I will always cherish.

I was thrilled and at the same time happy on meeting my idol.

TO BE MY ARDENT FAN WHEN I SCORE RUNS” ? – Dravid asked me, laughing.

No!” – I said. “ I don't care if  you score a duck, or a Century – I  always love you, admire you and worship you as my most favorite idol” I replied.  Never the less I feel proud when you score well and share your disappointment when you do not do so well Rahul.

I look forward to more opportunities to meet Rahul and share a few moments with him.

Age : 12 Years

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Name: Tarini Mohan 
Age: 13 
School :The Shri Ram school: New Delhi 

It was Amazing !!!!

I had gone to a party where Rahul's cousin was invited, she called up later and said she could'nt make it because Rahul was coming over for a night (he was going to Dhaka the next day for a match) .His cousin(Lata Kelkar)said we could come over for a while to meet him.I was the most excited person on earth!I was meeting Rahul Dravid at last!!!! 
when we reached I was a bit nervous I thought I might be invading his privacy.......but Rahul was so sweet - his mom must be proud to have such an amazing son!!!!!!!! He even took out time to sit with us and ask my mom about her career, my mother was flattered! At last he gave us(my bro & i) his autograph and shook hands with us! I didnt wash my hands for 2 days after that!!!! I've kept his autograph in my personal diary very very safely, after all- it is my biggest asset!! 
My brother (Rasesh Mohan) was also overjoyed to meet Rahul. He just LOVES cricket and if he got the chance he would be ready to make all the sacrifices in the world!He knows everything there is to know about cricket maybe except the joy of being in the international team and representing your country. Meeting Rahul was my most memorable moment and I will cherish that moment in my thoughts forever. 
I hope to meet him soon again! 
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